Sunday, October 31, 2010

Safe Ceiling And Roofing For Hospital


  • Concrete CEILING have no cracks and leaks.
  • Drop CEILING made of materials other than concrete securely fastened.
  • CEILING or LIGHT FIXTURES adequately fastened and supported.
  • Made of FIRE RESISTANT CEILING materials.
  • Underside of ARCHES, BALCONIES or OVERHANGS free from STRUCTURAL CRACKS and falling cement plasters.
  • Other fixtures such as CEILING LINER properly fastened or attached.
  • ROOFING system designed to withstand wind velocity (175-250Kph).
  • ROOFING materials completely and securely fastened, welded, riveted, or cemented.
  • ROOFING leak proof, water proof storm drainage system with adequate capacity and properly maintained.
  • ROOFING - insulated, sound proof.
  • ROOFING type of  material, slope, type of connection, condition,  thickness at least gauge 24 or 26 to be considered.
  • ROOFING regional location. ( e.g.  in  areas where always heavy rain,  it should be heavily fastened or anchored).

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