Friday, October 22, 2010

Site And Accessibility of Safe Hospital


  • A hospital shall be located along/ near good roads and adequate means of transportation.
  • A hospital shall be so located that it is readily, accessible to the community and reasonably free from undue noise, smoke, dust, foul door, flood, and shall not be located adjacent to railroads, freight yards, children`s playgrounds, airports, industrial plants, disposal plants.
  • The location of a hospital shall comply with all local zoning  ordinances.
  • There shall be no obstructions to the roads leading to the hospital.
  • There should be access to more than one road (alternative routes).
  • There should be separate ingress and egress routes.
  • Well paved access roads should be properly identified/labeled.
  • Directional signages are available and properly fastened.
  • Corridors, hallways and aisles must be 2.4 meters in width.
  • Use of ramps as access to second and higher floors.
  • Stairways with safe and adequately secured railings.
  • Stairway must  be at least 112 cm. wide, concrete.  Any opening in such wall shall be protected by fire doors or fixed wire glass windows.  It must have protection for vertical openings.
  • Any door in a stairway, ramp, elevator shaft, light and ventilation shaft or chute, in a stairway enclosure shall be self-closing, and shall normally be kept closed.
  • Outdoor stairs must have enclosed and protected openings.
  • Available, safe and well lighted parking lots.
  • Available covered walk way, to interconnect service areas.

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