Monday, February 7, 2011

Safety Of Hospital Doors And Entrances


  • Wind resistant and fire resistant DOOR
  • Conformed with Fire Code of the latest edition
  • With manual DOOR CLOSER - Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit, Recovery Room, Delivery Room, Labor Room Isolation Rooms and other sterile areas.
  • DOORS securely attached to jambs.
In the event of power failure, POWER-OPERATED DOORS may be opened manually to permit exit travel.
  • Each single DOOR with a width of not less than 112cm. and not more than 122cm.
  • FIRE EXIT DOORS fire resistive; swing - out type; with self enclosing device; PANIC BAR HARDWARE.:
    • BATHROOM - swing out.
    • ER - swing in and out.
    • All DOORS.
    • AUTOMATIC DOORS should have a manual override. 
  •   DOORS in room below 50 persons occupant load capacity- SINGLE DOOR - 112 cm wide.
  • DOORS in rooms more than 50 persons occupant load capacity (CONFERENCE ROOMS, FUNCTION ROOMS), 112cm wide, remotely located from each other, swing out.
  • SMOKE PARTITION DOORS are double swing, along hallways and corridors, per groups of rooms/section, for compartmentation purposes.
  • Any GLASS PANEL in DOORS is transparent wired glass mounted in steel frames. suitably sealed against SMOKE,HEAT and FIRE.
  • LOCKS installed on SLEEPING ROOMS so arranged that they can be  locked only from the corridors side.  Such LOCKS arranged to permit exit from room by a simple operation without the use of KEY.
  • Any device or ALARM installed to restrict the improper use of a means of egress so designed and installed that it cannot, even in case of failure, impede or prevent EMERGENCY used of such means of egress.
  • A DOOR designed to be kept normally closed as a means of egress, such as a DOOR to a stair or horizontal exit, provided with a reliable self - closing mechanism, and shall not at any time be secured in the open position.  A DOOR designed to be kept normally closed shall bear a sign as follows: FIRE EXIT, KEEP DOOR CLOSED.

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