Monday, March 14, 2011

Health For Children

YOUR CHILD MAY NOT KNOW THIS::::[So it`s up to you]
It`s up to you to take care of your child nutritional needs. Planning a balanced meal ensures that your child gets necessary nutrients for normal body function.

VITAMIN A is for good vision and healthy hair, skin and nails.
Food sources : milk, eggs,  vegetables and fruits.

VITAMIN B helps regulate nervous system.
Food sources : Lean meat, green leafy vegetables, whole grain bread and cereals.

VITAMIN C is for healthy gums, increases resistance to infection.
Food sources : Citrus fruits, tomato.

VITAMIN D keeps bones and teeth strong.
Food sources: egg yolk, vitamin D fortified milk and liver oil.

VITAMIN E keeps bloods cell healthy.
Food sources : vegetables oil, wheat whole grain.

IRON transports oxygen in the blood.
Food sources : Liver, meat, green leafy vegetables.

ZINC combats the effects of air pollution.
Food sources : Red meat, seafood, whole grain products.

 ensures correct functioning of liver.
Food souces : Seafood, iodized salt.

MAGNESIUM develops good muscle relaxation.
Food source: Red meat, nuts, green leafy vegetables.

Being aware of these needs find first step to fight infection and ensure your child healthy growth by advanced diet. You may supplement your child`s diet with multi vitamins and minerals.

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